Cal Men’s Gymnastics Reinstated!

Chancellor Birgeneau announced on May 2, 2011 that the University of California Men’s Gymnastics Program will be reinstated. Thank you to the more than 1000 people who wrote letters of support and

provided pledge donations to make this happen! Over the past 9 months, you have pledged well over $2.5 Million in support! If you have not yet converted your pledge to an actual donation, please make it happen today! Although we did not quite reach our $4 Million goal,

the Athletic Department has hired a new team of talented and dedicated personnel to help us bridge the gap and keep us on top. Cal Gymnastics Forever is continuing to work with the Athletic Department to develop systems to channel the love for the sport and our team into future financial security.   If you have questions about your donation or your pledge, please contact If you have not pledged or donated, you can make your contribution Men’s Gymnastics by clicking here:   We have a very exciting year ahead, as we will be celebrating our 100th year anniversary, and we have some groundbreaking events in store…stay tuned as the 2012 season approaches!